Select U.S. Sports Commission's
Population vs. Budget

Funding Type

  •  Public
  •  Private
  •  Public/Private

Budget Inclusions

  • Operates Out of
    CVB Budget

  • Includes Debt Service

Event-Type Focus1

  • Major City-wide Bid Events

  • Sponsored/Amateur Events

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Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and Third Party Reports

Notes: (1) Sports commissions sourced to Major City-wide Bid Events include competitive events such as the NFL Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four and NHL All-Star Game. These commissions also participate in bidding for amateur sporting events as well as hosting sponsored events and/or developing events. Sports commissions sourced to Sponsored/Amateur Events generally do not host major sporting events (NFL Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, etc.). The data presented are collected from sources believed reliable and are assumed to be correct. This information has not been subjected to any auditing procedures; and therefore we make no guarantees as to its accuracy.